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EASY - One Click CSS Compressor

NO coding expertise required

A click of the mouse is all you need to speed up your webpage load time by up to 80%! Most CSS can be compressed to one third its original size. Our CSS Compressor works with virtually all coding styles of CSS stylesheets and CSS versions. 99% of users can just copy and paste their CSS, followed by clicking the "Process CSS" button and thats it to to give their website the single greatest potential boost in page load time - as compared to any other speed up your CSS technique. Yes it's actually that easy to make website faster even if you know nothing about compressing CSS code or programming websites - our CSS Minifier makes compression easy!

ADVANCED FEATURES - Optional CSS Compression Settings

Simple - compress your CSS so it loads faster

The Minify CSS compressor has optional advanced features to give you even further control over how you compress your CSS. No need to worry beginners; leaving these advanced features set to default will nonetheless give you great minification; however for those power users that want extra control over their CSS stylesheets you have the option to compress with 15 different settings: Preserve CSS, sort selectors, sort properties, regroup selectors, optimize shorthands, compress colors, compress font weight, lowercase selectors on/off, CSS conversion to uppercase or lowercase, removal of unecessary backslashes, removal of the last semi-colon, disguarding of invalid properties based on CSS standards 2.0 through CSS 3.0, adding a timestamp and outputing/saving as a file.

SPEED INCREASE TIME!!! Make You're Website Load up to 85% Faster

Decrease webpage load time dramatically

Faster loading pages make your users happier and it saves you money on your web hosting bill. Dollar savings aside we all know from our own web browsing experience that faster loading pages means you are likely to browse more of the website. But as Yahoo! will tell you, speeding up your website via CSS compression takes many steps and a significant knowledge of web programming. Luckily of all the speed boosting tips, CSS Compression has one of largest overall impact on performance. Compress your CSS now and get faster load times immediately!

FAST COMPRESSION - Ultra Fast Compression & Stylesheet Minifying

We are the Guaranteed fastest CSS Compressor

Bookmark this page and utilize its tools anytime you want when it comes time to compressing your CSS. We are a 100% free CSS Compressor, but also were hosted on Hosted Fusion's multi-million dollar managed hosting infrastructure. So What? Your stylesheets will always be compressed lightning fast by our cluster of 3 Dual Core Intel Xeon servers with 8GB of RAM each! 10,000 lines of CSS? No problem, we can minify your CSS in seconds!

COMPRESS SECURLY - Secure CSS Compression

Compressed code is never saved

We built this CSS compression tool to security minify your CSS. MinifyCSS.com and all of its CSS Compressors are non-caching CSS minifying utilities. Which means any CSS code you compress using this tool is NEVER cached or saved in any way to a database nor a remote location. Rest assured when compressing even your most proprietary CSS because this tool will never cache any CSS that you submit to it.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Copy and paste your CSS code into the top left box. Note NOTE: To get to the CSS Compression tool, click the tab labeled CSS Compressor Tool.
  2. (Optional) Set Advanced options as you see fit
  3. Click the Process CSS button. That's it!

While we can't support everyone, we try our best to make sure everyone enjoys the benefits of CSS minification. Visit this page for additional CSS compression help.

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