Minify CSS Support

Confused? Let us help is an informational website on the advantages of minimizing your site's CSS.

If you understand the basics of coding websites you should have no trouble using the tools we list to compress your CSS and upload the code to your website.

We also understand that others might not be as technically savvy, but nonetheless desire the many benefits that come when you minify your JS.

It is for those people that we offer this paid service.

For a onetime fee of $35 a certified programmer at Streamlined Fusion will compress your CSS for you; then upload the CSS files to your website via FTP.

Support by Streamlined Fusion, the Web Development Experts

If you are interested in this service please call (310) 765-7400.

Need help with Minifing your CSS code - Call Streamlined Fusion at (310) 765-7400


This site was created solely as an education tool by Streamlined Fusion - world leaders in
Custom Website Design and SEO Marketing.

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