CSS Compression and CSS Minification Tools


Online tools to compress your CSS code ad-hoc

The Minify CSS tools listed to the right give any users easy one click CSS minifying. Simply copy and paste your code into their online CSS compression tool form box, click submit, and seconds later you will have the same fully functioning CSS code... Just reduced in size by about 60% compared to the original.

These tools are a great option for users that don't frequently change their CSS code and thus don't have to worry about debugging the minimized CSS source code.

For users that are constantly changing their CSS code, a real-time CSS compression script is a better choice; for real-time CSS compression we recommend the Yahoo! YUI Compressor over all others… although Google Minify does take a close 2nd place and runs great on PHP 5 servers.

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Real-Time CSS Minify Scripts


Compresses CSS code in real-time via PHP scripts on your web server

If you are a power user that constantly is changing your CSS code it can become a hassle to repeatedly compress your CSS manually.

In these circumstances a real-time CSS compressor is the best solution.

These on-demand CSS Minifiers (usually written in PHP) take ALL your page requested CSS stylesheets and compress it into a single Minified CSS stylesheet that is then "served" to the end user's web browser.

This type of collective mass CSS compression has the potential to increase page load times by up to 90%. Yes you heard correctly, 90%!

View CSS Page Load Times With Firebug and ySlow


Incredible Firefox extensions for web developers

Firebug and ySlow are (in our opinion) the two most helpful tools (of all time) created to help web developers. If you don't already have these Firefox extensions installed - download them now!

ySlow especially gives you great insight into how your CSS code loads, in what order the CSS loads and how long the CSS takes to load. You will immediately see that CSS more often than not accounts for 70+ percent of the total KB downloaded by a web browser to render a webpage. Minimize this code NOW and be amazed on how much faster your page loads.

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