Yahoo!'s Rules for High Performance Web Sites


Easy to follow rules to guide you in achieving enterprise performance from your website

Yahoo!, purveyor of some of the highest trafficked websites on the internet knows a thing or two about optimizing websites for peak performance. Among many other things website optimization tips such as reducing HTTP requests, adding expires headers, using Gzip, proper JavaScript page placement, omitting duplicate JS scripts and configuring ETags.

Minifying CSS is listed as one of the most impactful performance enhancements you can make. Read more on Yahoo!'s Rules for High Performance Websites. After you have finished compressing your CSS, your next step is going to be compressing your Javascript code with a Javascript Minifier, or as it's more commonly referred to as, a Javascript Compressor.

Compressed CSS = Faster Website


Faster loading pages make your users happy... and your wallet loves less bandwidth usage!

It should come as no surprise that the smaller the KB size of a webpage and its scripts - the faster the page loads. But a faster loading webpage isn't the only benefit you will get after you minimize your CSS, you can also expect: a better end user experience, less demand on your web server(s), a considerably lower bandwidth bill and numerous other positive advantages that we could write about for hours.

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